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Finding A Local Dentist Near You

Do you or any members of your family have any teeth problems or want to make sure that you maintain a good dental health? Then fin

Art Therapy


Finding A Local Dentist Near You

Classifications of the the Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy?

What Does the Future Hold for Cancer Treatments?

Insider Guide to Buying the Coolest Wrestling Shoes

5 Ways to Use Art as Therapy for Children Living with Cancer

8 Tips on How to Approach Living with Cancer

How to Give a Child Living with Cancer a Wonderful Life

The Positive Impacts of Cosmetic Dentistry

Things to Avoid Saying to Children with Cancer and Their Parents

How Art Heals Both Physically and Mentally

The Effects of Cancer on a Child’s Development

Healthy Lifestyle: How to Give Your Child a Longer Life

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Finding A Local Dentist Near You

Do you or any members of your family have any teeth problems or want to make sure that you maintain a good dental health? Then find a local dentist in your area that provides you quality dental health care.

Our teeth play an important role, in terms of aesthetics, our overall looks, and self-confidence, digestive health, and to our overall health. We are aware, too, that a damaged tooth don’t regenerate again to a new natural tooth, unlike any other bones.

Thus, it is important that we pay attention to our oral health and keep our teeth strong and healthy.

Finding A Local Dentist Near You

Dental Treatments And Oral Health

The condition of our teeth may be due to different factors. These can include genes, lifestyle, and other environmental factors.

However much we take care of our oral health, there may still be other factors that can cause our teeth and gums to have some problems. In these cases, addressing the problems as soon as possible to dental professionals may be the best solution.

If you have any dental problems or want to make sure that you and your family keep a good set of teeth, below is a guide on how to find good dentists near you:

How To Find Local Dentist In Your Area

1. Make A List

There can be a number of dental clinics in your local area. Frind them through the internet or on your local dentist directory and list the different clinics that are available.

2. Browse The Services Offered

Check if the services that you need is offered by the clinic. If you have an infant or child, you may have to go to dental clinics which provide dental treatments and oral health to children.

3. Check The Reviews And Recommendations

Be sure that you are visiting a local dentist in your area who is reliable, has years of professional experience, and whose previous patients were satisfied by the results. Read reviews about the local dentist or clinic and see how likely they are recommended by others.

4. Verify The Credentials

See if the dental professional and/or the clinic is a member of any association of dentists in your local area or in your state as this also adds more credibility to the practitioner, making sure that you find good dentists near you.

5. Book An Appointment

After you have chosen your preferred clinic, look for their contact details, check for their vacant schedules, and book a convenient date and time for an appointment.

If you live in Franklin and nearby areas in Tennessee, you may also check out Dentist Tate Eble today.

A Guide To Finding A Local Dentist For You And Your Family

Find Good Dentists Near You

Keeping our teeth in good health may not be that easy, but it can be possible with the help of reliable dentists who have the knowledge and skills in keeping the teeth and gums healthy.

Take care of your and your family’s oral health. Keep your teeth always functional and in good shape. Check this guide when looking for a local dentist in your area to provide you the dental treatments and oral health that you and your family needs.

Classifications of the the Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy?

There are three known types of peripheral nerves: sensory nerves, motor nerves, and autonomic nerves. The symptoms which indicate neuropathy highly depend on the type of the damaged nerve.


Peripheral neuropathy may refer to the damage of one or more of the three types of nerves. The symptoms also indicate whether only one nerve is affected or if the condition generally affects the whole body, commonly associated with diabetes.

damage of one or more of the three types of nerves


Sensory Neuropathy


When the sensory nerves are affected then the person suffers from sensory neuropathy. When the sensory nerves are damaged, the person is most likely to experience tingling and numbness. Further symptoms include the loss of one’s ability to feel pain as well as the loss of one’s ability to distinguish changes in temperature.


The patient will also suffer from the loss of the sense of joint position resulting to the loss of coordination. This will impede movement and cause joint pains. The worst is the suffering from shooting or burning pains which is always worse at night.


The first parts of the body to be affected if having sensory neuropathy are the hands and the feet. It will be difficult to walk or to pick objects up. Gradually, the symptoms will start moving towards the center of the body as neuropathy progresses.


Motor Neuropathy


Motor Neuropathy happens when the motor nerves are affected. The main affected areas are the muscles.


Specific symptoms include muscle weakness. This symptom starts small from difficulty moving the hand muscles to difficulty balancing. There are cases where the muscles in the chest or throat area weaken resulting in the difficulty of swallowing and breathing.


Other symptoms are wasting of muscle tissue because of inactivity. Twitching and muscle cramps are also visible.


The worst symptom is muscle paralysis. The person loses control of his muscles enabling him to not move it. He is then unable to move some parts of his body.


Autonomic Neuropathy


With autonomic neuropathy, the autonomic nerves are injured or damaged. The person commonly will be having a low blood pressure due to the lack of control to his blood pressure, causing him to faint or get dizzy.


Other symptoms are impotence (erection difficulty for men), lower heat toleration, no control on bladder functions (which results to urine inconsistency), sweating problems, and constipation and bloating.

sensory neuropathy are the hands and the feet




The neuropathy diagnosis is determined by the physician upon the occurrence of the symptoms. There are also some cases where the doctor is treating the person with some illness or injuries that diagnosis of neuropathy is determined. Peripheral neuropathy is sometimes determined for patients with diabetes during their regular check-ups.


As long as the person goes to the doctor regularly then the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy in its early stage can be established. Upon the suspicion of peripheral neuropathy, the doctor will require the person to undergo a physical examination of the nervous system and conduct blood tests. There is also a possibility to refer the person to a neurologist for the assurance of the results or for a second opinion and Neuropathy Relief Guide.

What Does the Future Hold for Cancer Treatments?

Cancer research is being done in probably every country in the world. Many labs are dedicated to finding a cure or at least finding new and better treatments. Some of the treatments that are being developed and tested have shown very promising results. All of the treatments that we mention today are still in the process of being improved and perfected. Some are already being used and have made a difference to many cancer patients. They build on or are complemented by existing treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is something to look forward to. It is a targeted therapy because it is used to treat cancer and other illnesses by targeting specific areas with high-intensity light. This therapy can be used to shrink or destroy tumors and unwanted growths. This is more effective for treatment of cancers that appear at the surface of the skin. Laser therapy is often used in combination with surgery or chemotherapy.


This treatment uses the person’s own immune system to heal the body and get rid of the cancer. This is still being perfected, but it has had many great results in patients and some of them are now cancer-free. However, these therapies are not working for everyone yet and some people show no response to it. More studies and improvements are being done to make this therapy better and applicable to more cancer patients.

Precision Medicine

This is something that people all across the world in medical fields are very excited about. Precision medicine has to do with being able to offer customized healthcare and treatments to each patient. These treatments will be based on the individual’s specific genetic makeup and medical history. It is basically tailor-made medicine that will fit your body perfectly. These treatments may be able to target specific genes or mutations and reverse the effects that may have caused cancer or other diseases.

Cell-based therapy

Stem cell transplants and such methods are already being used to help fight cancer but they also need some tweaking. Cell-based therapy basically entails taking a person’s white blood cells, manipulating them in some way to attack cancer cells, and then putting them back into the person’s system. Early tests are showing promise, but there is still some work to be done before this will be a commercial treatment.

Epigenetic Therapy

Epigenetics is very interesting and based on the idea of switching genes on and off to prevent the development of certain diseases. Many new drugs have been the result of these tests and are being used in clinical trials. The drugs are designed to reverse the effects that lead to the development of cancer rather than destroying the cancer cells. In other words, they aim to change the cancer cells back into normal cells.

info1 - What Does the Future Hold for Cancer Treatments?
Image by:

Lots more research is being done and scientists and doctors are excited about the possibilities. They are talking about a future where people will not get to stage 4 cancer and where it will be more like a chronic disease than a terminal illness.

Insider Guide to Buying the Coolest Wrestling Shoes

A Guide to Buying the Coolest Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling is believed to be 15,000 years old. A lot has evolved since wrestling was first introduced at the Olympic Games in 1904, especially wrestling shoes. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional wrestler, you not only need the best wrestling shoes but the coolest wrestling shoes.

The market is flooded with a wide variety of wrestling shoes meant to suit the different tastes and preference of wrestlers from all walks of life making it confusing to pick the coolest. While owning a pair of good wrestling shoes is essential for your gym workouts, knowing what qualifies as a cool wrestling shoe is important.

Insider Guide to Buying the Coolest Wrestling Shoes

Basic Features of Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling shoes are specifically designed to provide wrestlers with support and stability during matches. Both beginners and pros should invest in a good pair of wrestling shoes that will help optimize their physical potential and performance.

When shopping for wrestling shoes, one of the features you should not overlook is the sole of the shoe itself. Wrestling shoes are designed for wrestlers from sliding; you should, therefore, go for the traction-focused sole. Almost all wrestling shoe soles are made of rubber and studded provide them with more traction.

A good wrestling shoe should be able to provide you with support at the ankle. High-top ankles are designed to provide added support and prevent injury when you hit an opponent’s body with your lower legs.

What Makes A Wrestling Shoe Cool?

There are various factors that make a wrestling shoe cool as we’ll see in the following coolest wrestling shoes. Adidas Combat 4- good wrestling shoes fit like a sock, and these shoes do just that!

Their extreme flexibility allows you to maneuver with ease while their overlaying suede and leather outsole gives you the traction.

Trusted manufacturing brand, Asics bring you the Matflex 5. These shoes have rubberized soles and full-length gum rubber outsole. The lightweight wrestling shoes offer an excellent grip and flexibility. Their relatively friendly prize is a good relief for beginner wrestlers or those who would like to wear them to practice.

The HVC2 speed by Adidas made of synthetic suede, synthetic leather and a mesh which creates a combination of fabrics make them by far the coolest and most durable lightweight wrestling shoes.

The mesh layer allows for breathability to keep your feet cool and dry hence preventing odor when you take them off. An additional elastic top strap prevents your laces from loosening up and making your trip.

How to Buy the Coolest Wrestling Shoes

Just like when you are buying any type of shoe, there are various factors you consider, and in this case, size matters a lot. A good wrestling shoe should perfectly fit you and be flexible to enable you to move with agility.

If you happen to be a wrestler or a boxer looking to get yourself a good pair, boot bomb is the best place to buy wrestling shoes. Boot bomb goes a step further to explain the various types of shoe soles for you.

A Guide to Buying the Coolest Wrestling Shoes

Are You A Beginner Or A Pro?

Before settling on one particular wrestling shoe, read reviews to know which one will be the best for you depending on whether you are a beginner or a pro wrestler. This is because some are meant for easy work outs such as weight lifting.

Most wrestling shoes can be worn by both the ladies and men.

5 Ways to Use Art as Therapy for Children Living with Cancer

It has been proven that art therapy is effective in treating a variety of physical and mental problems. Patients diagnosed with terminal illnesses, who have mental disorders or disabilities, or who are very stressed and suffer from anxiety can all benefit from art therapy. It is a wonderful way to express yourself and also relax.

For children with cancer, there are many ways of using art therapy. Now, we aren’t therapists ourselves, but we have observed and did some research. These are some ways that we think art therapy can be used to help children with cancer.

  1. Painting feelings and fears – Children are often incapable of explaining how they feel because they don’t yet have the words or the understanding to explain it. Older children may just struggle to say what they feel because they are afraid. Asking them to paint or draw what they feel is a creative way to let them express those feelings with complete freedom.
  2. Dance how you feel – Free dancing can also help them express how they feel and you will most likely get a very clear idea in the way they move and even the music they choose. They may have free flowing movements or very short and hard movements. Trained therapists will be able to better interpret these things and get an understanding of what the child is feeling.
  3. Playing instruments – This works in the same way as dancing. An angry child may bang drums or play really loudly and with aggression. A calm or scared child may play very softly. The choice of instrument may also be indicative of what the child is thinking and feeling.
  4. Relaxation – Art has a calming effect and can help your child relax. So, all the above points have this effect as an added bonus. Art can be used for the express purpose of making the person relax. This can be done in different ways guided by a trained therapist. This is also the reason why adult coloring has become so popular.
  5. Movement – Movement through dancing can help with physical therapy, muscle development, exercise, and relaxing the body. Exercise is good for the body, even the body of your sick child. Dancing or any type of physical movement guided by a therapist or during free form can help your child feel better. The body requires movement and the muscles need to be used. Dancing in itself has many emotional and mental benefits and will inevitably have a positive effect on your child.

Art therapy is efficient and successful for almost anyone. From children with cancer to adults who just need to relax, it can help. We here at Children Cancer Fund are big fans of art therapy. You can read some more articles on art therapy here and here.

8 Tips on How to Approach Living with Cancer

A cancer diagnosis comes with a whole host of feelings and emotions and fears. The moment the doctor says those words, you know your life and the life of your child will forever be changed. Dealing with cancer is always a tough road, but there are things that you can do to make things easier to understand and process.

Children Cancer Fund is involved in raising money for centers where people with cancer can go to learn how to better deal with their diagnosis and what it means.

Let’s look at some tips from cancer patients and health professionals.

1 - 8 Tips on How to Approach Living with Cancer
Get the facts and understand the cancer diagnosis – As a parent, you should know everything there is to know so you can understand and explain it to your child. Know what type of cancer it is, what the prognosis is, what treatments are available, where the cancer is, how serious it is, what stage it is in, the risks involved with certain treatments, etc.

2 - 8 Tips on How to Approach Living with Cancer
Communicate – Always keep communicating with the doctors, your child, therapists, family and friends. You may need to do this on behalf of your child for some time but older children should be encouraged to also continue communicating.

3 - 8 Tips on How to Approach Living with Cancer
Take a deep breath – Some days things will get really hectic and scary and you will feel overwhelmed. On these days, take a deep breath and refocus. Listen to what is said, stay calm with what is happening, and keep your head.

4 - 8 Tips on How to Approach Living with Cancer
Get the best doctor for the disease – There are many different types of cancer and it is important that you find the best oncologist for your child’s specific type and diagnosis. Oncologists have specialities and it is important to have a doctor that understands the condition better than anyone else.

5 - 8 Tips on How to Approach Living with Cancer
Hire a team of professionals – A team of different healthcare professionals is your best option for recovery and living a good life despite the cancer. Oncologists, dieticians, psychologists, art therapists, chiropractors, etc. all have valuable input and their combined advice and treatments will definitely help with living well and dealing with cancer better.

6 - 8 Tips on How to Approach Living with Cancer
Have a healthy lifestyle – This is something everyone should do, but with a cancer diagnosis it is even more important. Your child’s body is already sick and you need to try and help that little body heal itself and feel better. The best way to do that is by having your child eat fresh fruits and vegetables and especially the green stuff that they just love so much. It may be a challenge, but eating healthy is important.

7 - 8 Tips on How to Approach Living with Cancer
Lots of sleep – Your child’s body needs a lot of rest and getting at least seven or eight hours of sleep is ideal. Enough sleep will allow your child’s body to rest and be better able to deal with treatments and healing itself. It will also make them mentally stronger and better able to cope.

8 - 8 Tips on How to Approach Living with Cancer
Get some exercise – Exercise is important. The type of cancer and the stage will determine how active your child can be, but it is important to have some activity. Walking, playing, swimming, or just some muscle exercises will all be good.

Many people are living with cancer and they have full and healthy lives. These tips will help you and your child to have the same kind of life. As a parent, you may need to drive these things until they can do so themselves. Always remember to allow your friends and family to help. They want to.

How to Give a Child Living with Cancer a Wonderful Life

Living with cancer is no picnic, but it also doesn’t have to be sad and lonely and depressing all the time. This is especially important when it comes to children living with cancer. It is important that children be able to live their lives as normal as cancer allows. No matter whether the diagnoses say they will only live a month or they may live for years. Children are children and they need to experience certain things to have a good life regardless of their disease.

So, how can you as the parent or friend help make their lives wonderful?

1. Give them lots of love and compassion. Knowing that there are people that truly love them and will stick with them through anything, is medicine in itself. It helps them feel good and appreciated. It helps to encourage positivity and also to talk about what they are feeling and what their fears are.

2. Allow them to be a kid. The methods you can use for this will depend on whether your child is in hospital or home. Allow your child to play with toys and other children in the hospital or neighbourhood. Let them take part in programs like art therapy and let them play video games or watch television. If possible, take them to the park to play and go on walks with the dog. Play catch and just allow them to have fun and be kids. The seriousness of the cancer and level of mobility may put some restrictions on this, but if you really try, you will find ways to allow your child a full childhood.

3. Just be there. Many people say that you can call them whenever you need them. More often than not, when you call, they don’t come through. One of the best ways to help a child with cancer enjoy life, is to have those friends and family to support them. Visit them and have long discussions. Watch a movie together. Bring their favorite sweets. Play board games on their hospital bed, etc. Follow through if you said you would be there.

4. Allow them to say how they feel. This may be difficult with children that are very young, but older children and teenagers should be allowed to express how they feel. They should also be allowed a say in decisions to be made about their treatment and condition. Even if you as the parent do not agree with what they want, you need to listen and take into account what they want. This will not be easy, but it is important that they feel like they have some control over what happens to them

5. Always encourage and support. There will be good days and bad days and sometimes it will be really tough, but always be supportive and keep encouraging therapy and social activities and playing. This will help prevent a collapse into depression or complete isolation.

Apart from these things, also remember to try and keep a healthy lifestyle to support the immune system as far as possible. Also, have a look at this article on what not to say.

The Positive Impacts of Cosmetic Dentistry

We always see people with perfect smiles on the television, magazines, newspapers and on the internet. Everyone can have those perfect white teeth too. Even if you have a missing tooth, damaged teeth or any dental imperfections, it can still be possible for you.

You might already be familiar with some of the procedures that can be done to help improve the features of the teeth. With cosmetic dentistry, there are veneers, implants, dentures and more others.

Some procedures cost more than others. However, the feeling of having the perfect set of teeth is priceless. See just how much cosmetic dentistry can change your life.


Cosmetic Dentistry to Have That Perfect Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry to Have That Perfect Smile

There can be a lot of reasons for you to have an imperfect set of teeth. It could be an accident, poor dental care or medical conditions that have caused you to have an imperfect smile. This shouldn’t be much of a problem.

One can resort to cosmetic dentistry to have that perfect smile. The treatments, surgeries or procedures are all worthwhile to have to improve the appearance of your teeth. From braces to crowns, you can choose from or be a candidate for the many services that your dentist offers.

If you have questions about anything in relation to dental health or services, call competent dentists so they may help you out with your inquiry.  


Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Boost Your Self-Confidence

There are a lot of great services that your dentist can offer you. From whitening to getting dentures, cosmetic dentistry can help boost your self-confidence. It can be hard to have missing or severely damaged teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can help a patient gain more confidence simply by improving the appearance of the teeth. If you are suffering from any dental issues, go to your dentist today and ask what needs to be done to improve the condition of your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Boost Your Self-Confidence

Take Great Care of Your Dental Health

Although cosmetic dentistry can help you out a lot, prevention is still better than cure. You have to take great care of your dental health. If that isn’t a sufficient option, patients can then turn to their dentists.

It is important for a family to start training the kids to be visiting the dentist at an early age. This can best show them the importance of going to the dentist. This can also then let them learn the different services that a dentist can offer.

They can then learn about porcelain crowns, Invisalign, teeth whitening and many other professional services that dentists provide.

Remember if you want to improve the appearance of your teeth and your self-confidence, Stockton dentistry services are available for you. Look for a reputable dentist so you can expect quality work. Take great care of your teeth and if it comes to it, know that cosmetic dentistry can be availed.

Learn more about each procedure so you may know the advantages and disadvantages of each. You’ll learn that some may require invasive surgeries. However, there are still some conservative approach. Call your dentist so you may know how he or she may help you.

Things to Avoid Saying to Children with Cancer and Their Parents

Communicating with children who have cancer and their parents make most people uncomfortable. They don’t know what to say and what not to say. This uncertainty often makes the whole situation even more uncomfortable for everyone. To help out all our readers and patients, Children Cancer Fund would like to share a few tips on what to say and what not to say. Remember that there are no exact rules or ways to react. The most important thing is to just show compassion and be there in whichever way you may be needed.

What NOT to say to children and teenagers

“I know how you feel”- Unless you also have cancer, that is definitely not something you want to say.

Don’t offer advice if not asked – If you haven’t been through a similar experience, your advice may not be accepted well. You don’t understand the situation or how these kids feel and they will not believe that your advice is valid.

“Everything will be okay” – You don’t know that and you will most likely be seen as a liar or insincere. There are no guarantees with cancer and even though you may mean well, this phrase will not always be taken well.

Tell them to always be happy or positive – Yes, they should stay positive and hopeful, but sometimes they need to be allowed to just be afraid and angry and unsure. They will appreciate a friend who can stick by them through that much more than one that only wants to see the happy.

“Everything will be back to normal soon” – This ties in with ‘everything will be okay’. Apart from the fact that you don’t know this to be true, your child, family member, friend, or co-worker will never be the same. Going through a battle with cancer is something that changes your life forever. You will never look at things the same or experience things the same. You will always support others who are going through the same things and you will likely never ‘get over it’. That’s another one to avoid.

What NOT to say to parents with children with cancer

Don’t offer advice – You don’t know how they feel or what exactly the situation is. If you don’t have experience with what they’re going through, keep the advice to yourself.

Don’t use platitudes – This may be the one thing that can really cause a problem. Parents who have a child fighting cancer, don’t want to hear how there is a reason for everything or that God must be punishing them or that it is God’s will that this happened. None of those things helps them or makes them feel better. It is also very hard for these parents to imagine why God would allow this to happen.

Don’t judge them – Again, you are not in their shoes and you don’t know what they are struggling with. Don’t judge decisions that you don’t understand and don’t tell them you would have done it differently. It’s not your child and you don’t know.

Instead of these things, rather just let both child and parents know that you are there for them, that you love them, and that you will support where ever and however you can. When you say these things, make sure to follow through. You can find more resources about this on the RESOURCES page.

How Art Heals Both Physically and Mentally

Art is universal and has many different mediums. Art can inspire and say things that are otherwise difficult to say. Art speaks for us and to us in the most amazing ways.

Today, we here at Children Cancer Fund want to explore the effects of art therapy further. We all know that it is beneficial and that it can help people deal with many things. But why?

Art therapy helps to heal us mentally, emotionally, and physically. There are many facets to this statement. Any form of art whether it is dance, drawing, painting, playing music, coloring, building something, is good for our psychological well-being. The reasons for this are multiple.

11 - How Art Heals Both Physically and Mentally

Art allows us to express feelings, emotions, and thoughts about experiences and situations that we either cannot express in words or don’t know how to express. This is how children with cancer communicate and deal with their fears, frustrations, anger, and anxiety about their disease. It helps them express their feelings in a way that makes them feel good and does not harm anyone. Art does the same for people who don’t suffer from any diseases but simply need to also deal with life and difficult situations.

Art gives us something to do. For children who cannot go anywhere or who are stuck in a hospital, art can give purpose. It gives them something to do and feel good about. If they know their works may be sold, it gives them a sense of pride and purpose which makes them positive. Positivity is key to being mentally strong and dealing with cancer.

Art is a distraction. This again applies to anyone whether they have a terminal disease or not. Art makes us forget about pain, anxiety, bad news, sickness, sadness, etc. This is also where the physical healing of art comes in. Not only does it make pain and discomfort more bearable but it also releases happy hormones that make us feel better. You may not be administering drugs to your body, but the effect is the same.

Art battles depression. Many cancer patients have the risk of becoming severely depressed about their diagnosis and future. This is even the case in young children. Being creative and making things that give you purpose and make you feel good, helps to battle depression. If you feel good and like you have something to live for, it is more difficult to give in to depression.

Art can help improve mobility. Dancing and playing instruments can help with physical movement and mobility. After traumatic treatments or when children get antsy, movement is a great way to make them feel better. They can express themselves and be silly and also give their muscles some exercise.

Art is holistic healing. The effects of creating art are numerous and very positive. This positivity and good feelings help to heal the body and the mind in many ways. It may not be a cure for cancer or other difficult situations, but it definitely helps to reduce negative feelings.

12 - How Art Heals Both Physically and Mentally

Come and see what our child cancer patients have to say by joining our events where their art is for sale. These events and sales are aimed at raising funds for research and treatments.