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a1 - AboutWelcome to the Children Cancer Fund. We are an organization located in Bloomington and we aim to improve the lives of all children living with cancer. Cancer is not a fun disease, but there are many ways to make sure that these children experience full lives and happiness. That is our aim – to give them lives that are meaningful and makes them forget about all the bad stuff.

Our organization was started and is run by Mr Matthew Duong. He is a truly amazing and inspiring human being. This organization has changed so many little lives and it is all thanks to him. He started Children Cancer Fund after his son was diagnosed with cancer and he realised that things will drastically have to change in their lives.

The purpose of the fund and also this website, is to educate, inform, and create awareness. We also have several fundraising events during the year where you can come and enjoy picnics, game days, etc. and even get to contribute your time to help children living with cancer. For more information on these events and how you can help, please visit the FUNDRAISING EVENTS page.

You will find many helpful resources on our RESOURCES page. These resources include articles and videos that offer help, guidance, and more.