Friday, September 21, 2018
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How Art Heals Both Physically and Mentally

Art is universal and has many different mediums. Art can inspire and say things that are otherwise difficult to say. Art speaks for us and to us in the most amazing ways.

Today, we here at Children Cancer Fund want to explore the effects of art therapy further. We all know that it is beneficial and that it can help people deal with many things. But why?

Art therapy helps to heal us mentally, emotionally, and physically. There are many facets to this statement. Any form of art whether it is dance, drawing, painting, playing music, coloring, building something, is good for our psychological well-being. The reasons for this are multiple.

11 - How Art Heals Both Physically and Mentally

Art allows us to express feelings, emotions, and thoughts about experiences and situations that we either cannot express in words or don’t know how to express. This is how children with cancer communicate and deal with their fears, frustrations, anger, and anxiety about their disease. It helps them express their feelings in a way that makes them feel good and does not harm anyone. Art does the same for people who don’t suffer from any diseases but simply need to also deal with life and difficult situations.

Art gives us something to do. For children who cannot go anywhere or who are stuck in a hospital, art can give purpose. It gives them something to do and feel good about. If they know their works may be sold, it gives them a sense of pride and purpose which makes them positive. Positivity is key to being mentally strong and dealing with cancer.

Art is a distraction. This again applies to anyone whether they have a terminal disease or not. Art makes us forget about pain, anxiety, bad news, sickness, sadness, etc. This is also where the physical healing of art comes in. Not only does it make pain and discomfort more bearable but it also releases happy hormones that make us feel better. You may not be administering drugs to your body, but the effect is the same.

Art battles depression. Many cancer patients have the risk of becoming severely depressed about their diagnosis and future. This is even the case in young children. Being creative and making things that give you purpose and make you feel good, helps to battle depression. If you feel good and like you have something to live for, it is more difficult to give in to depression.

Art can help improve mobility. Dancing and playing instruments can help with physical movement and mobility. After traumatic treatments or when children get antsy, movement is a great way to make them feel better. They can express themselves and be silly and also give their muscles some exercise.

Art is holistic healing. The effects of creating art are numerous and very positive. This positivity and good feelings help to heal the body and the mind in many ways. It may not be a cure for cancer or other difficult situations, but it definitely helps to reduce negative feelings.

12 - How Art Heals Both Physically and Mentally

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