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Insider Guide to Buying the Coolest Wrestling Shoes

A Guide to Buying the Coolest Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling is believed to be 15,000 years old. A lot has evolved since wrestling was first introduced at the Olympic Games in 1904, especially wrestling shoes. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional wrestler, you not only need the best wrestling shoes but the coolest wrestling shoes.

The market is flooded with a wide variety of wrestling shoes meant to suit the different tastes and preference of wrestlers from all walks of life making it confusing to pick the coolest. While owning a pair of good wrestling shoes is essential for your gym workouts, knowing what qualifies as a cool wrestling shoe is important.

Insider Guide to Buying the Coolest Wrestling Shoes

Basic Features of Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling shoes are specifically designed to provide wrestlers with support and stability during matches. Both beginners and pros should invest in a good pair of wrestling shoes that will help optimize their physical potential and performance.

When shopping for wrestling shoes, one of the features you should not overlook is the sole of the shoe itself. Wrestling shoes are designed for wrestlers from sliding; you should, therefore, go for the traction-focused sole. Almost all wrestling shoe soles are made of rubber and studded provide them with more traction.

A good wrestling shoe should be able to provide you with support at the ankle. High-top ankles are designed to provide added support and prevent injury when you hit an opponent’s body with your lower legs.

What Makes A Wrestling Shoe Cool?

There are various factors that make a wrestling shoe cool as we’ll see in the following coolest wrestling shoes. Adidas Combat 4- good wrestling shoes fit like a sock, and these shoes do just that!

Their extreme flexibility allows you to maneuver with ease while their overlaying suede and leather outsole gives you the traction.

Trusted manufacturing brand, Asics bring you the Matflex 5. These shoes have rubberized soles and full-length gum rubber outsole. The lightweight wrestling shoes offer an excellent grip and flexibility. Their relatively friendly prize is a good relief for beginner wrestlers or those who would like to wear them to practice.

The HVC2 speed by Adidas made of synthetic suede, synthetic leather and a mesh which creates a combination of fabrics make them by far the coolest and most durable lightweight wrestling shoes.

The mesh layer allows for breathability to keep your feet cool and dry hence preventing odor when you take them off. An additional elastic top strap prevents your laces from loosening up and making your trip.

How to Buy the Coolest Wrestling Shoes

Just like when you are buying any type of shoe, there are various factors you consider, and in this case, size matters a lot. A good wrestling shoe should perfectly fit you and be flexible to enable you to move with agility.

If you happen to be a wrestler or a boxer looking to get yourself a good pair, boot bomb is the best place to buy wrestling shoes. Boot bomb goes a step further to explain the various types of shoe soles for you.

A Guide to Buying the Coolest Wrestling Shoes

Are You A Beginner Or A Pro?

Before settling on one particular wrestling shoe, read reviews to know which one will be the best for you depending on whether you are a beginner or a pro wrestler. This is because some are meant for easy work outs such as weight lifting.

Most wrestling shoes can be worn by both the ladies and men.