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Fundraising events help Children Cancer Fund to raise money for treatments, awareness campaigns, specialists, research, and more. The funds we raise are distributed to different places where it is needed. We also have our own center where kids can come for treatment, classes, or to play. All the funds raised are donated or used to improve the lives of our children who have cancer and need support.


We have two big events coming up in September.

Arts in the Park – Bloom Park

September 2nd from 9 AM

Come join us for a wonderful day in the park where you can buy art created by cancer patients across the state. This event is linked to an arts program that is implemented for children with cancer in several hospitals. The funds raised from the sale of these art works go to cancer research. You will even have your own opportunity to create some art.

Pets Day – Children Cancer Fund Center

September 17th @ 11 AM

This is one of our most popular events of the year. For a few hours, children with cancer get the opportunity to pet cats and dogs and play with them. Many cancer patients do not have the opportunity to have pets because they may make them sick or because the patient has to stay in the hospital. On Pets Day, we make arrangements for all the kids that are allowed and can physically join, to come to our center and have a few priceless hours with cats and dogs. You are welcome to bring your pet if he or she is trained and loves kids. There will be some requirements to comply with. Contact us for more information.