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How to Pass a Drug Test Overnight

You must be thinking we are crazy or something for telling you that you can pass a drug test overnight. I mean, is it even possible to pass a drug test overnight?

Well, yes. It is possible. They say necessity is the mother of all inventions and that saying applies when it comes to drug tests.

This is because most times, we have to take drug tests in the shortest time possible mostly for work reasons or based on reasonable suspicion.

So, how do you pass a drug test overnight?

3 Ways on How to Pass a Drug Test Overnight

How to Pass a Drug Test OvernightWhen all you have is 24-hours to pass your drug test, there are ideally three options that you have to succeed.

These are:

Friend’s Urine

This is one of the safest and surest ways of passing the test. However, it can only be possible if you have friends who don’t do weed and are willing to help you.


If you can’t get a friend’s urine, the other alternative is to buy detox drinks. You need to remember that these drinks are very powerful and have side effects such as diarrhea. As such, you need to observe your intake.

Synthetic Urine

If there is a sure way for you to pass your drug test besides getting a friend’s urine and detoxing, then synthetic urine is the answer. The best part is that it can be shipped and delivered in less than 24-hours.

What Types of Drug Tests are Available?

For you to know how best to pass a drug test overnight, it’s crucial that you know the method of drug test that you will be subjected to.

Urine Test

This is one of the most commonly used methods of drug test because it’s affordable compared to other types of drugs test.

Blood Test

Compared to a urine test, a blood test is more expensive. However, the results of a blood test are able to detect and show the substances in an individual’s bloodstream.

Saliva Drug Test

While its use is growing, it’s not an effective method as it can only detect drug use four to 10 hours after use.

Hair Test

While hair tests can detect drug use from up to 90 days, they are expensive and take lots of time. As such, very few employers use this method to test for drugs.

Risks Involved When Testing for Drugs

While all the above methods can be used to pass a drug test overnight, they come with their own risks as well.

With laboratories advancing ways of testing for drugs, it’s easy for synthetic or a friend’s urine to be detected making it a risky affair.

In addition, use of home remedies like vinegar, bleach or cranberry juice just doesn’t work.

There is also a lot of misleading information online on how one can pass drug tests. When going for my test, I found all I needed at, their guides on passing drug tests are awesome!

Passing a Drug Test Overnight

How to Pass a Drug Test Overnight easilyKnowing which method is going to be used to test for drugs in your system will help you identify the best case of action to take.

That said, it’s vital that you make sure you aren’t caught as the consequences may work against you big time. If possible, as friends who have had their tests successfully done on how they achieved it.