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Men’s Vulnerability

Best Health Strategies

On an average scale, they say a man dies half a decade earlier than his spouse. This is because women are healthier than men based on medical research and observation.

Nowadays, with all the technology in medicine and lifestyle it is a common issue for men on how to deal with male health problems. Because maybe, it is just too much to handle or undeniable a huge mental argument of oneself.

Fitness facilities for both male and female are on every block of every city. There are also numerous sites and videos uploaded in the internet that gives tips and keys for your health and wellness. WebMD is a good health reference online but it is highly recommended that you visit your doctor.

If men are much more defenseless than men at which the study had proven, that gives us more reason to take male health problems much more serious than we know.

We are not always the superhero or immortal that we think we are all the time. Especially young men in their twenties to thirties. Because they are at the peak of their well-being, they tend to taste every single thing the world has to offer.

Erroneous orientation and practice through the years can affect one’s health. It may be not today or tomorrow, but sooner or later, symptoms of male health problems can just show up one morning.

Common Male Health Problems

Common Male Health Problems

Men are much more audacious, resulting to expose themselves to more risky situations than women. Our common thinking about the two sexes is that we all know that a high percentage of women are much more hygienic than men. They tend to care more about their skin, the food they eat and the clothes they wear.

In our modern age, men are now much more enthusiastic about embracing to learn the proper ways to take good care of themselves, in mind, body, and spirit.

Here are some of the health issues that men can prepare for or avoid having:

1. Cardiovascular Disease

Heart problems play the number one and two spot with stroke as the main causes of death both for men and women. This heart disease happens when there’s a plaque or atheroma developing inside the heart’s artery wall caused by fatty deposits.

How to Avoid It:

The good thing about the said disease is that there are several ways to prevent from happening. This includes at least 30 minutes to one hour of cardiovascular exercises to increase your heart rate and dispose the fatty oil from the food you intake by sweating.

Another basic thing to save you from heart issues is by making better choices with the food that we eat. That means, avoid processed food and saturated fats.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

This reproductive issue is very common among aging and older men. Usually, those that are fifty and above. They tend to have sexual issues as one of the common effects of those who are experiencing the dysfunction.

How to Avoid It:

Nothing beats eating right and monitoring your cholesterol. A daily walk or run in the city or at the park would give you satisfying results.

3. Oral Cancer

Men are much more possible than women of having mouth cancer. This kind of disease is caused by smoking, drinking too much alcohol and sexual acts.

How to Avoid It:

Abstinence from tobacco and smoking reduces the risk of having oral cancer. Have a healthy diet by eating fruits and vegetables especially those that are rich in vitamin C.

Male Health Problems at 50

There is no specific reason yet why prostate cancer is known to aging men. Such cases are commonly diagnosed in men that are over the age of 50.

Genetics and family history is also a factor why prostate cancer is developed to older men. Research also found that a female member of the family who developed cancer of the breast can also increase the risk of men to have prostate cancer.

Those men who also gave up the healthy lifestyle and are obese can also be linked to having prostate cancer, and that includes erectile issues.

Again and again, Exercise, a healthy diet, and lifestyle is the best option to prevent and stop the development of life-threatening diseases.

Best Health Strategies

Best Health Strategies

A consistent practice of being healthy and choosing what is better for your wellness is not just about making yourself a favor. You, your family, colleagues, and friends benefit when you are a man of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Being healthy is not about having six packed abs and zero percentage body fat. A man who is free from male health problems is a productive human being. He knowledgeable enough to avoid the diseases that can turn things around for him.

Here are the most doable and realistic ways on how to keep you from health issues and diseases:

Good Nutrition

  • Enough Sleep
  • Daily and Regular Exercise
  • Avoid Addiction or any Substance Abuses

A man that is healthy and well made the decision for himself one morning of his life. He may have decided to wake up early and run. Choosing fruits over some chips in the grocery. Instead of alcohol beverages, he chose the teabags.

Each biological body is indeed vulnerable especially nowadays that most of what we eat are processed, and diseases are also evolving over time. But each step that we take to becoming a healthier person each day gives us a big leap on keeping the wellness of the life that we have.

Start making the right choices, after all, life is about making choices. Go get what’s better!

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