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The Effects of Art Therapy on Children with Cancer

Art has always been a powerful medium for expression and relaxation. Art can take many forms like drawing, dancing, playing an instrument, etc. The arts have been used very successfully as a treatment option for many different mental and physical health issues. Art therapy is a very real and very successful way in which people’s emotions and pain are expressed. It also helps people relax.

Art therapy has been used in many hospitals across the world and many of these hospitals have in-house art therapists and programs to help patients. Children are especially fond of art and art therapy is one of the best ways to help them through difficulty. This is why we are looking at art therapy and the effects it has on children with cancer.

Art therapy makes pain and anxiety management easier. This type of therapy is effective in managing both mental and physical pain. It helps the child to express their pain and anxiety in a way that they are comfortable with. Often words are uncomfortable or just cannot express what they are feeling. Art helps them express the inexpressible. It also helps reduce the effects of physical pain through distraction and relaxation.

It boosts the child’s confidence. When a child creates something that they are proud of, their confidence increases. Every time someone compliments them on their work, they get another boost. Confidence is important in battling cancer because it makes the child more positive and mentally strong to fight back. It gives them hope and something to be proud of.

Art reduces stress. Dealing with cancer and treatments are stressful for both parents and children. Art therapy can be used to relieve stress for adults and children. Getting involved with an art project shifts focus away from the stressful situation and gives the person a break from worrying and may even help them get to a state of relaxation. The body and mind need to relax to help healing happen.

Children get to socialize. Children with cancer that are very sick or must be isolated don’t get many opportunities to socialize with other children. Art therapy in hospitals may give them the opportunity to spend time with other kids that are also going through what they are. Just being with other people and having a conversation can have great healing effects.

Art therapy is undeniably effective in helping patients with cancer, especially children. Many hospitals offer art therapy as part of their treatment plans. The art created by patients are also sometimes used to raise funds for research or to cover expenses.

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