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Raising a child with cancer and being a child with cancer is challenging. Families have to pull together and help each other to make sure that our children are loved and supported. There are many great websites, books, journals, and more that can teach you more about cancer and how to deal with it. Children Cancer Fund would like to share some of these resources to help our readers. These websites are in themselves great sources of information, but they also have links and partners that you can also visit.


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Cancer.net offers links and information on many organizations and funds that help children with cancer and their families. You will find many opportunities and lots of helping hands at these organizations. The site also offers informative articles about different aspects of cancer, how to manage it, treatments, etc. There is a section for children specifically teaching them to cope and prepare themselves for tests, etc.


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On this site, you will find free and professional support services for children and adolescents that have cancer and their parents. They offer counselling services as well as education workshops to help parents understand what their children are going through. There are several publications on the website that offer information on a wide range of topics related to cancer. CancerCare also offers the possibility of helping with funding.

Children Battling Cancer

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When you visit this resource site, you will find a list if organizations that offer support, financial help, counselling, and more to both children and parents living with cancer. These organizations are all aimed at helping children who are living with cancer. They help with education, coping, treatment information and more.